The full screen spec lets you take over the big screen with a graphic, animation or video.


Make sure to read the specs carefully as well as follow the best practice guidelines.


Venues and specs are subject to change as the fixture is finalised. We recommend bookmarking this website and joining our MKTG specs mailing list to make sure you always have the latest information.


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What works best

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MKTG Drop WBBL Open09/08/21
MKTG Drop WBBL Event Release02/09/21
Content due30/09/21

Contact MKTG immediately if you are unable to meet these deadlines.

When MKTG Drop is open for this season, you can upload new content as well as check and restore old content.

When MKTG Drop releases the events, you are able to link new or existing content to the appropriate bucket.

The Video & Static spec describes the requirement for creating and displaying content on the big screen. This can include certain full frame graphics, animations, TVCs and videos.

Example big screen graphic with title safe area displayed


VenuesFile DimensionSafe Zone
All1920x108060 pixels from edge

File Format

ContentFPSFile TypeCodecDurationAudio
Video25.mp4H.264UnspecifiedAAC 48KHz 16bit
Static-.jpg or .pngRGB--

MKTG Drop Asset

ContentMKTG Drop Asset
Videos / AnimationsBig Screen Videos
StaticBig Screen Graphics
Example of Transition timeline

Transitions (sometimes called RTDs) are quick one second animations that play before or after a replay. When creating transitions, the first and last frames should be completely blank (full alpha), and the middle frame (frame 13) content should completely fill the frame.


VenuesFile DimensionSafe Zone
All1920x108060 pixels from edge

File Format

ContentFPSFile typeCodecDurationAudio
Transition25.tga sequence32bit RGB with alpha26 frames-

MKTG Drop Asset

ContentMKTG Drop Asset
TransitionBig Screen Elements

Bugs are small graphics in the corner of the frame, usually at the bottom.
Bugs run on the big screen after a transition. 

When designing your bug, consider it is going to be played over footage, so you should attempt to differentiate it from the background. This could be with a drop shadow or a small shape.

Bugs can include: Brand logo, tagline or reference to which moment it is being played over (eg. “4” if it is for a 4).

Example of a branded bug with alpha


VenuesFile DimensionSafe Zone
All1920x108060 pixels from edge

File Format

ContentFile typeCodec
Bug.pngRGB with alpha

MKTG Drop Asset

ContentMKTG Drop Asset
BugBig Screen Elements

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