Below are the technical specification outlining how to make and upload files for the Scoreboards for the 2020/21 International cricket season. Scoreboards are advertising display options that usually sit around a big screen. These are a mix of digital and printed signage. MKTG will alert you if you are required to make this spec.


Venues and specs are subject to change as the fixture is finalised.


We recommend bookmarking this website and joining our MKTG specs mailing list to make sure you always have the latest information.

Adelaide Oval - Dimensions

ADL - 1Digital1760 x 150
ADL - 2Digital1760 x 150
ADL - 3Digital390 x 914
ADL - 4Printed19,400 x 900mm

Adelaide Oval - Screen Maps

Blundstone Arena - Dimensions

BLD - 1Printed11,600 x 900mm
BLD - 2Printed2,945 x 7,090mm
BLD - 3Printed2,945 x 7,090mm
BLD - 4Printed12,500 x 1,200mm
BLD - 5Printed2,700 x 5,831mm
BLD - 6Printed2,700 x 5,831mm

Blundstone Arena - Screen Maps

The Gabba - Dimensions

ScoreboardTypeContent SizeRender Size
GAB - 1Digital230x10801920 x 1080
GAB - 2Printed16,000 x 1,200mm-
GAB - 3Digital816 x 112816 x 112

The Gabba - Screen Maps


You will need to deliver ‘GAB – 1’ as a 1920×1080 file, with your 230×1080 content on the right hand side.

Manuka Oval - Dimensions

MAN - 1Digital400 x 48
MAN - 2Printed18,200 x 1,100mm

Manuka Oval - Screen Maps

MCG - Dimensions

ScoreboardTypeContent SizeRender Size
MCG - 1Digital1920 x 2221920 x 1080

MCG - Screen Maps

Metricon Stadium - Dimensions

MET - 1Printed32,810 x 950mm
MET - 2Printed4,450 x 8,465mm
MET - 3Printed4,450 x 8,465mm

Metricon Stadium - Screen Maps

Perth Stadium - Dimensions

PER - 1Digital496 x 598

Perth Stadium - Screen Maps


This content is run alongside both big screens.

SCG - Dimensions

SCG - 1Digital2,212 x 164
SCG - 2Digital306 x 900
SCG - 3Digital306 x 1,064
SCG - 4Digital306 x 1,064

SCG - Screen Maps


SCG – 1 & SCG – 2 – Test Matches & ODIs

SCG – 3 & SCG – 4 – T20s

TypeFile typeCodec
Digital.jpg or .pngRGB - 72DPI
Printed.pdfCMYK - 300DPI

MKTG Drop Assets

ContentMKTG Drop Asset
Digital - StaticScoreboard Static - [VENUE NAME]

Print signage should be sent directly to Iliyas Hafiz.

Digital Signage

When creating content for printed signage you must provide print-ready pdfs.

If you are unable to create a document the full size of the content, include in the file name what percentage size you have created in (eg. “…@50%.pdf”).

Include trim marks and colour bars.

What works best

What to avoid


All content is to be provided through our upload and content management portal MKTG Drop.

You will need to be set up as a user, contact Christie Bence to get started.

Instructions on how to use Drop are available here.


First ODI: Friday, November 27 – Sydney Cricket Ground (Day-Night) 13th Nov 2020
Second ODI: Sunday, November 29 – Sydney Cricket Ground (Day-Night) 13th Nov 2020
Third ODI: Wednesday, December 2 – Manuka Oval, Canberra (Day-Night) 18th Nov 2020
First T20: Friday, December 4 – Manuka Oval, Canberra (Night) 20th Nov 2020
Second T20: Sunday, December 6 – Sydney Cricket Ground (Night) 20th Nov 2020
Third T20: Tuesday, December 8 – Sydney Cricket Ground (Night) 20th Nov 2020
First Test: December 17-21 – Adelaide Oval (Day-Night) 26th Nov 2020
Second Test: December 26-30 – Melbourne Cricket Ground 5th Dec 2020
Third Test: January 7-11 – Sydney Cricket Ground 17th Dec 2020
Fourth Test: January 15-19 – The Gabba, Brisbane 25th Dec 2020

Due to the late fixture release, MKTG will endeavor to be as flexible as possible with deadlines around the first ODI and T20 matches.

Contact MKTG immediately if you are unable to meet these deadlines.

MKTG has an expert in-house studio, specialising in stadium content creation and conversion.

Find out more here and contact Iliyas Hafiz to find out how we can help you.

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