You are able to use content from previous AFL seasons in the current AFL season.

Log in to MKTG Drop and search for your content on the ‘Content’ page. Make sure you set the state to ‘All’, as the content may have been archived.

Once you find the content you would like to re-use, click the ‘Restore’ button

Now you can use this ID / listing for future events.

In 2019 / 2020, LED and other assets required ProRes Proxy .movs. From 2021, most assets now utilise H.264 .mp4s.

Both file types will work in 2021, so you may still use the old file type or the more efficient H.264 .mp4 file type.


All content is submitted via our content management portal MKTG Drop.

Instructions for uploading to MKTG Drop are here.

Instructions for re-using existing content are here.

If you are new to MKTG Drop, you can request a log in with the MKTG Drop Team.

MKTG has an expert in-house studio, specialising in stadium content creation and conversion.

Find out more here and contact Elizabeth Cook to find out how we can help you.

For set-up and assitance with MKTG Drop contact the
MKTG Drop team.

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