The elements spec allows you to create content that displays on top of live vision such as frames, bugs and lower thirds.

Make sure to read the specs carefully as well as follow the best practice guidelines at the bottom of this page.

If you require assistance understanding these specs or need help creating content, MKTG Studio is here to help.

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Example frame
Example bug


AssetVenueDimensionsTitle safe
Big ScreenMCG
Marvel Stadium
1920x108060 pixels

File Format

ContentFPSFile typeCodecDuration
Video25.movAnimation with alpha10 seconds or less
Static-.pngRGB with alpha-

MKTG Drop Asset

ContentMKTG Drop Asset
Frames / Bugs / Lower ThirdsAFL Big Screen - Elements 21

When creating frames or lower thirds you should aim to not cover too much of the big screen vision. We recommend taking up no more than 220 pixels total from the height or width of the screen.

Consider how your frame will be used and which areas of the screen you might be covering up. For example don’t cover up an area of the frame that is likely to feature people’s heads if it is for an interview segment.  

What works best

What to avoid


All content is to be provided through our upload and content management portal MKTG Drop.

You will need to be set up as a user, contact the MKTG Drop team to get started.

Instructions for how to use Drop are available here.

Instructions for re-using existing content are found here.


Monday before match day

Contact MKTG immediately if you are unable to meet these deadlines.

MKTG has an expert in-house studio, specialising in stadium content creation and conversion.

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For set-up and assitance with MKTG Drop contact the
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